VIP Retreat/ Medical Holidays in Greece

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VIP Retreat/ Medical Holidays in Greece

Onsite (!) Personal Retreat/ VIP package.

This is a strictly personal and discrete “retreat” package. It is an exclusive metamorphosing retreat in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

You  enjoy my utmost personal attention, in my practice IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies.

Medical tourism in Greece grows fast, due to the beauty of the country and the safety on the streets. The medical holiday is supported by the nice steady weather.

When you think of medical tourism your thoughts might go to countries like India, Thailand or Mexico. In contrast to those countries, Greece offers safety on the street and a high level of medical care like in the rest of Europe. There are also attractive prices to enjoy.

There are many companies, like Placid Way, intermediating between medical tourists and medical providers. In IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies the pricing is more attractive if you contact the center personally.

The benefits of medical care in IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies (Greece), are many.

  • First of all, you are out of your daily routine.
    The routine keeps you tightly in a certain psychological, often stressed pattern.
  • Secondly, you are in mythical Greece with its ancient healing energies, next to the mountain of the Greek Gods,the Olympus. You enjoy (mostly) steady weather. You receive the complete personal care that you deserve.
  • Thirdly, the approach for diagnose in IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies is “holistic”, which means it has many aspects.
I use three (3) different approaches.

A) I look at your body in the classic western approach, with my extensive knowledge as a physiotherapist.

B) Additionally I apply the approach derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
In TCM the bodily functions and the psychological condition of the person are seen as one condition!

The theory is built on the energy flow (Ki,Qi, bioenergy) in the body as well as the balance of energy in the various internal organs ( lungs, heart, stomach, etc.).
The energy (qi) of an organ is influenced by many things, such as type of food intake, food temperature, time of day, time of year, date of the year, your feelings, your sleep quality, your activities and the climate etc.
The energy balance within you, shows itself for example in the workings of your digestive system, the strength of your five senses, your skin color, your appearance, your behavior, your body aches, the shape and color of your tongue and eyes, the quality of your pulse, the quality of your voice, your posture and the sensitivity and quality of the skin, hair, etc.

C) I add diagnostic information from your aura/ etheric body.
I detect disharmony in your etheric body/ aura with my hands and by observing your aura.

This powerful and safe diagnostic combination helps me to find the core of your problem.

Together we will decide how to proceed, how to heal.

Many times it is a combination of classical physiotherapy with a complementary approach, such as acupuncture, Reiki, Etheric Body Treatment etc. (also dietary changes, instructions for your posture, and emotional prevention can be included)

If there is a need to get further medical investigations, I will instruct you to see a doctor.

We decide together how to proceed both the therapy as well as the frequency of the sessions. You always have a choice! I  could advise f.e. a two hours morning session, and a one hour evening session, for five days.

Also we assess your health frequently during the therapy series and take note of the results.

In addition, before you go back home we discuss the possibilities of a follow-up, if necessary. This can be online or a remote session. It can even be setting up new dates, for visiting IASIS.

Also I can give instructions for a local therapist in your home area, in order to be able to continue with some sessions if possible.

There are always free offers included, if you get a therapy package in IASIS.

Carine Vloemans, your experienced therapist from IASIS, will assist you with finding a place to stay in the area, and with finding a guide to show you the beauty of northern Greece if you like.

IASIS is located on the Eastside of Thessaloniki, just 10 kilometers ( a 15 minutes drive) from the airport.

Free parking on the street, is easy in general.

Contact me with email, to get a free Meet & Greet ( skype) intake talk. We discover together what the possibilities are for you.

You will be the best you CAN be for today,  I guarantee!

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