Jet Lag Reset

sunset and rock reflected balanced in water, like the balance after jet lag treatment

JETLAG RESET treatment

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Jet lag is an real awful feeling of disconnection, heaviness and grogginess, as if your head/ brain is somewhere else..

In addition to that, it is also possible to have a dysfunction of organs in the body like the liver, the bowels, the pancreas and the adrenals just to mention a few.

Jet lag tends to appear mostly after a long-hour east bound airplane flight. In fact you travel in time if you fly east bound, like time gets compressed, and the duration of night/ day cycles become shorter.

Jet lag is a dis balance of one’s inner clock (called circadian clock). This inner clock is found to be regulated by cells in the hypothalamus (where the hormone melatonin is produced) and the pineal gland in the brain. The hypothalamus is activated/ deactivated by the seeing of light, but it also has its own (proximately) 24 hour system.

Therefore what I do is safely synchronize & reset those centers, in order for you to feel well and function well.

I do this by mentally connecting with your biological system affecting your etheric body, energy-wise. Because the etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body you get right away results in your metabolism and health.

You can be anywhere in the world to gain the benefits of this treatment.

Also persons that work night shifts can have those jet lag symptoms too, and as well as persons that had an operation with total anaesthesia!


By this subtle personal JETLAG RESET treatment, right after your arriving in your new time zone, you gain the following:

Your brain is fresh and you are able to think clearer.

The body feels revived & strong and not sluggish & heavy.

You feel you are in the rhythm of your country of destination, so you suffer less of sleeplessness.

Feeling happy and therefore you can enjoy, right from the first day, your new destination.

You are more successful in work, meetings, visits or holidays.

You gain quality time, and donoy forget: “TIME IS MONEY”..

Don’t loose your first days to grogginess! Try out your first “JETLAG RESET” treatment for FREE!

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So there is no need for medicins/ chemicals and you have no nasty side effects, from now on!