About Me

Who is Carine Vloemans?

I am a gifted, acknowledged, holistic, physical therapist with over 30 years experience in physiotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapy, body & facial massage, energy treatments like Reiki, Etheric Body Treatment etc.

I am re-known in Greece also by several television appearances, written articles and seminar teaching.

Mission & Values

My mission is to help every client to feel great and healthy again, with ease and grace.

Values that inspire me are Honesty, Responsibility, Empathy, Sensitivity, Creativity, Clarity,Openness, Diligence, Cooperation, Inspire and Enjoyment.

Mrs. Carine is an amazing professional and person. It took only one appointment to completely trust her and her talent. I highly recommend her no matter what your condition is.” Mr.C.Lightwood

How I’m Different

In the past, when my sensitivity for energies broke through, after my father  had passed away, I searched for guidance of an experienced, supportive and understanding person in order to find my way.

I didn’t find that person right away. I researched to find my way for 8 years. It set me on my path of searching and living the not-so-obvious and esoteric stuff in life.

I found outside of my education in physiotherapy, also education in energy field based therapies.

This path led me to what I became today: the helpful, sensitive person I was looking for in the past!

I am bridging & combining the conventional with the complementary medicine in a holistic way for more than 30 years.

For many years I am living in Greece, although my first 27 years I lived in The Netherlands, EU. I have my practice and work mainly with the local inhabitants, for both sessions and teaching on all the subjects as well.

Clients come to me because they need support in their personal blockage in health.They choose to receive a PERSONAL and HUMAN approach for body, mind and spirit.

They value me because they are really touched in-depth for changes in their lives that occurred. With me they can be who they really are for a moment, and relax with that.

The way I work with my client depends on the client and his/her particular blockage.

F.e. for JETLAG RESET sessions I use a combination of several approaches to connect with the system of the client in order to balance the necessary body parts. This is done without the physical presence of the client, so can be applied WORLDWIDE. Also the client gets his personal tips to imply him/herself.

Outstanding knowledge and wisdom … She sees where others don’t see …” Mrs .Wolfsohn
Perfect professionalism, an experience to recommend to seekers of complementary treatment modalities.” Mr.A.Kaditis

Expanding My Business

As a solopreneur I want to continue to be able to enjoy my life in my so beloved country-of-the-Gods, Greece (As you might know Greece is in crisis for already many years).That is why I expanded my way of workings international by offering JETLAG RESET sessions. My aim is also to continue to be able to support and inspire the local people in Greece.

Let’s Connect

If you are planning a long-hour east bound flight, and want to experience the possibilities of JETLAG RESET treatment, or if you would like, for other health issues, to get a session, please don’t hesitate to  contact me  for a Meet & Greet talk!. I would love to hear from you!

Languages: English, Greek, Dutch, German.

I know Carine Vloemans as a curious and true compassionated woman.
What I love about her is that she has a sincere interest for you and helps you whenever and with whatever she can. And with humor! She makes healing sessions light-hearted. I always go away smiling!
Carine’s insights as a healer are very clear and deep.
I feel the effects of the healing immediately. Whether I am at home when I receive a healing, or when I am in her practice. The impact is completely the same. It feels safe and natural. Me and my body feel much lighter, clearer and happier.
I can notice that another passion of Carine is to teach people. Even in session she always shares information and tips on how to do things yourself.
She is always looking for ways to improve her skills and to open doors to new opportunities. She shares the information easily, so I can benefit too. She inspires me every time!” Mrs. Y.Bagdadi

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