Holistic Health Reset

Flowing water from old spring on the Greek Olympus mountain, Medical tourism for alternative therapies


Medical tourism for alternative therapies, also online.

Online holistic health coaching and therapy offered by a gifted certified physiotherapist/ acupuncturist ( and for  diverse energy-based healing modalities, meditation & relaxation).  

This forementioned approach  brings you effectively and safely, straight to your goal of healing and health!

How to get well from pain, panic, fear etc. even without leaving your house and also without the use of painkillers or tranquilizers. This remote approach is extremely useful now, in this period of quarantaine due to the covid19 virus.

To address those issues you can get help by receiving remote therapy like Reiki and the cleaning of the etheric body.  Consequently we can also use video/phone contact as a means of coaching support. 

Together we address diligently all the dimensions of your issues. You gain knowledge and insight.

If you like, you get to see your issues from another point of view, in order to be able to release it forever if possible!

Blocked energy flow -that shows itself in disbalance, pain and disease-  many times has a connection with old (oftentimes useless now) believe systems and emotions.

Also old promises, oaths, pacts, contracts and declarations once made, can linger on in your health and life situations. That lingering happens if the issues are not “deleted” energy-wise.

The different therapies help to unblock all those stuck aspects. During the session it is possible that  you  realise exactly what is changing in you and why it was there in the first place. (In that particular case we can speak  about the subject if you choose so.)

Sometimes the issues just leave and you are feeling surprisingly lighter and healthier all of a sudden.

All the flows in your body unblock during this healing, including the hormone production in your body. This flowing of energy makes that a state of health follows and pain relieves!

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“May I add my name to those who have benefitted from the therapy, as well as wisdom, offered by Carine Vloemans. With back pain due to scoliosis, friends assured me Carine could offer relief. Not only did I walk out of that first acupuncture session straighter and taller, but I soon found that her initial visit questioning about possible other problems led to a controlled bladder. I continued to visit her every six weeks and now that I live abroad she is first on my list every time I return to Greece.”
Mrs.A.E., Chicago, IL