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New in IASIS

In order to show you the newest from IASIS, this short text.

Also a remote learning of massage is possible now.

The rich online course of Rejuvance, bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage  is in place  from this year on.

Rejuvance is a strong tool for massage work, anti-aging, headache treatment, relaxation and burnout treatment.

If you or a friend are interested in order to learn this exquisite massage with beautiful results,  please contact me.

My holistic approach-Your holistic session path

March, 2020

My working concept in my practice IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies is “holistic”, that means it has many aspects.

I use three (3) different approaches.

   First of all I look at your body with the classical western approach, as you know it, with my broad knowledge as a physiotherapist.

   Added is the approach derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine.(TCM)
In TCM the body-functions and the psychological state of the person are ONE (1)!
The basis of the TCM theory is the energy (strength, qi) and (dis)balance of the different organs in the body. (f.e. Lungs, stomach etc.)

The energy of an organ is influenced by many things, like the following: your food intake, food temperature, the hour of the day, the season of the year, the date, your emotions, your sleeping pattern, your activities and the climate f.e.

Your energy balance shows itself in many aspects of the client. These are for example the function of your organs, the strength of your five senses, the color of your skin/ face, your appearance & behavior, body pains, the shape and color of your tongue, your eyes, the quality of your pulse, the quality of your voice, your body posture and the sensitivity & quality of your skin & hair etc. 

   Thirdly I add the diagnose using the appearance of the aura of the body. The dis balance in your etheric body/ aura I diagnose by feeling the aura with my hands and looking at it (reading).

This strong, safe diagnostic combination helps me to find your core issue because this is the starting point of our approach.

Together we decide how to proceed in order, to be healed/  cured.

Many times our choice is a combination of a classical and a complementary approach, like acupuncture, Reiki, Etheric Body Treatment etc. ( also diet changes, posture instructions, and emotional prevention we include.)

Besides, if extra medical research needs to be done, I instruct you to see a medical doctor.
I guarantee,  with more than 30 years experience in the field, that you will have improvement of your issue!

March, 2020

Burnout Brownout Depression “RESET”

Solutions to get on an NEW track…

If you are physically and psychologically worn out because of your work or other pressure in your life. If you want to say goodbye to your sad personal outlook and your heavy body,  please contact me,  for burnout treatment.

Online sessions, or a Holistic VIP Health-Reset Retreat unlock you!

Hand in hand we take steps for:  

  • seeing new perspectives  and to get rid of “tunnel vision”,
  • finding new inner strength, and relax,
  • opening your horizons, and finding your choices in life,
  • finding your life values, to be able to enjoy your life again.

Possible ways of coming to those goals are Fe: talking/counseling, meditation/ relaxation techniques, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, Etheric Body Treatment, etc.

Get yourself “rolling” again, instead of only “coping” and “stress management”!