3 planes flying in balance in a show like after medical holidays for alternative therapies

Free offer:  receiving and experiencing a remote health reset  session until 15th of January 2024 !
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Medical holidays for alternative therapies & physiotherapy in order to gain health & wellness, with ease & grace..


in IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

I take your health seriously and you get your personally tailored approach. Just what you look for to get back on track again.



“Thankful I am for Carine being there for me!

She is a dedicated therapist who uses this advanced method to heal me from jetlag, even before the nuisance is expected to appear! She also uses this healing method for my overall health with 0 nasty side effects.

I know her already 25 years, since I lived in her area, Greece then. I am very grateful for the remote/ distant therapies since now we live 2500 km apart. I work for an international company and once in six weeks I travel to New York from the Netherlands and back.

I feel so fresh after travelling and donot loose precious time due to jetlag. I work concentrated and with joy! I am even able to have fun during my free hours there. Thanks Carine!!”




“Warm thankfullness to Mrs Carine Vloemans, an amazing woman! Her heart and therapy spans the ocean, and she helps me and my family in South Africa with always impressive results! She shares her love and energy with all. One of the most generous and kind person I know. May she be blessed always. Love and Good Will to her!”

R. M.

The country of Greece  supports your healing process the whole year around ! Please watch this video about Greece.

For therapy details https://www.physioalternative.com/