VIP Retreat/ Medical Holidays in Greece


Onsite (!) Personal Retreat/ VIP package in Greece!
This is a strictly personal and discrete “retreat” package. An exclusive metamorphosing retreat in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

Together we choose a suitable, tailored therapy program for you to recover and to find health, harmony & balance for mind & body. You will enjoy my utmost personal attention, in my practice IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies. A possible package could be: daily acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, meditation or also Reiki, Etheric Body Treatment, or even facial rejuvenation treatments (using massage/ acupuncture, for details). In this way we can go deep to the root of your problems, to turn it around for a refreshing deep recovery! The GOAL is to find your real active and creative Self again, by letting go of the (un)known painful past and the fear for the future and by strengthening your body to be resilient and balanced again.

The beautiful and strong atmosphere of “the Land of the Gods”, Greece will support us!

I could advise f.e. a two hours morning session, and a one hour evening session, for five days.

Contact me with email, to get a free Meet & Greet ( skype) intake talk. We discover together what the possibilities are for you.

You will be the best you CAN be for today, guaranteed!

Curious? please connect!